DIY Smart Mirror Build Instructions: Intro (1)


Smart mirrors look very impressive, but are intimidating to build. Every other set of instructions gives you big chunks of code, and link to github repositories. I wanted to share a set of instructions that require absolutely no technical skills. THIS BUILD IS EASY. This guide will not have a single line of code and instead have clear and easy to follow instructions. I messed up pretty consistently, but came out with an awesome smart mirror. Building your smart mirror will never be simpler. So lets quickly look at the benefits of this smart mirror fork over the others, and make a parts list. My mirror is pretty large at 2′ x 3′ and so it cost around $500 and took ~30 hours to finish. You could very easily scale this down and keep your cost below $200.

Windows 10 Fork

There are plenty of different instructions for building your smart mirror (Shout out to Micheal Teeuw inspiring so much innovation). I initially planned to use a rapsberry pi, but when windows 10 was released I realized that it would work so much better. Windows 10 has comes with exceptional voice commands and functions in the form of Cortana and speech recognition. These will let us completely control the mirror with voice, while doing literally zero programming. You also get all the benefits of using a full desktop: all the existing apps, rainmeter, and much more. But at the end of the day, it is just way easier to use windows than a rapsberry pi.

Shopping List

I wanted a full size, monster of a smart mirror, so I used a 40″ TV. Most builds use something significantly smaller, and that is what I would suggest. I suggest an LED or IPS monitor because they provide better viewing angles and darker blacks compared to LCD. Pretty much every purchase I made was 1″ off of what I assumed it would be. Don’t worry, you can make adjustments to make everything fit.  
  • Cheap 40″ LED TV – $200
    • Be careful when purchasing this, a 40″ class is not actually 40 inches. Its also a measurement of the diagonal, so keep that in mind.
  • One-Way Mirror – $150
    • About 1″ on each side bigger than your display. Get real glass if you can afford it, if not plastic works but isn’t perfectly flat at larger sizes. My mirror has some warping because I used a big piece of plastic. Link
  • Old laptop, or a windows 10 stick – $0 to $100
  • Wood, nails, e6000 glue, black felt – $30
    • Go to home depot and talk to someone about your build, they’ll get you what you need.
  • TOTAL: $500-ish
      17windows 10 pic
  2: Prep the monitor  

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