Build: Prep the Monitor (2)

Now that you’ve purchased all your supplies, its time to start the fun. You can lean your mirror against the TV and the effect works pretty well. After messing with that, we start with a daunting task. We need to deconstruct the TV by removing all the bezel, this will let the mirror lay flat on the surface, minimizing ghosting. Take a screwdriver and go to town, remove all the plastic you can. 2disassembly Be careful not touch the exposed boards because the static can break them. This shows the back panel removed, but there was also a separate front bezel. It had a board along the entire edge, so I was extremely careful. Not careful enough though, I broke the IR sensor so my remote no longer works. 3dissasembly too Next we will build a frame to replace the plastic we removed.   3: Build a Frame  

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