Build: Build a Frame (3)

With all the unnecessary bezel removed from your monitor, its time to rebuild. I went to the Home Depot lumber section and spoke to an employee. I described what I was doing and he suggested the right wood, nails, and glue I needed. They also cut the lumber to the incorrect lengths. They cut each piece 1-2″ different than I asked, but I made it work.   4frame Measure your display and hack together a frame. I used some scrap wood to ensure the display would be secure on the backside. None of this needs to look pretty, as long as it functions. Now take your frame and glue some felt to the front side. This will make attaching the mirror much easier and make sure no light leaks through. 5felt To really make sure no extra light leaks through behind the mirror I placed electrical tape over the edges of the screen, and put some extra felt over spots I could see light leaking out of. Next we will glue on the mirror and frame.   4: Glue it all together

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